GHS VSD⁺ vacuum pumps with HEX@<sup>TM</sup>

GHS VSD⁺ vacuum pumps with HEX@TM

Next-generation GHS VSD⁺ range of variable speed driven oil-injected screw vacuum pumps with revolutionary vacuum pump control and connectivity.

High efficiency IE5 permanent magnet motor

Equipped with a permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor for high efficiencies at all speeds, contributing to the high efficiency of the complete vacuum pump.

Compression optimization valves

With the innovative compression optimization valves, the oil-injected screw element has excellent flow at any rough vacuum level. This allows for high pumping speeds, specially for rough vacuum applications.

Cyclonic oil separation

GHS 1202-2002 VSD+ benefit of the latest oil separation design with additional cyclones, allowing to reach an oil carry over lower than 1.5mg/m3, twice lower than traditional oil injected pumps.

New compact design

The GHS 1202-2002 VSD+ screw vacuum pump has a smaller footprint. The footprint decreases by more than 10% than its predecessor due to the design of the vertical drive train. The small footprint comes in at 1360 mm x 1460 mm. The footprint decreases by more than 10%.

Neos Next inverter for energy savings

Equipped with Neos Next, Atlas Copco’ second-generation inverter which revolutionizes inverter performance to set new standards in energy savings, sustainability and reliability.

Equipped with HEX@™ – next generation vacuum control

With HEX@™ you can monitor and control your pump from anywhere and at any time. You can receive feedback and review pump operating status, vacuum levels and upcoming scheduled events for your vacuum system.

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GHS VSD⁺ vacuum oil-injected screw vacuum pumps with HEX@TM innovations for better performance

Building on the revolutionary Atlas Copco GHS VSD⁺ oil-injected screw vacuum pumps, we’ve taken a leap ahead to meet the requirements for Industry 4.0. The GHS 1202-2002 VSD⁺ has a new design for better performance, optimal oil separation, a smaller footprint and an innovative new controller which puts you in gear for Industry 4.0.


The GHS 1202-2002 VSD⁺ is equipped with a permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor. This new technology ensures higher efficiency at all speeds when compared to classic motors. These new motors are oil-cooled, with oil lubricated bearings that provide optimal cooling at any speed.


The pump boasts of a compact footprint of lesser than two square meters. thanks to the new design of the vertical drive train. The noise reducing canopy provides a significantly lower noise level for a comfortable working environment. The universal inlet and outlet flanges are located on the top of the machine. The inlet filter and inlet check valve are included with the pump.


The GHS 1202-2002 VSD+ is a plug-and-play pump that is easy to install, service and maintain. The canopy plates are easy to remove for regular maintenance and service. 


Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps help Isola contribute to energy efficient building practices

Complete vacuum pump control and connectivity with HEX@TM

The GHS 1202-2002 VSD+ is equipped with Atlas Copco’s revolutionary new HEX@ controller. HEX@ allows you to monitor and control your pump from anywhere and at any time. It has a configurable, secure user interface that can be customized for you to receive information according to your needs and priorities. You get access to dashboards that display key pump performance indicators to optimize your process. You also gain access to pump trends, such as Inlet pressure, motor speed, power consumption, oil temperature and much more.

To learn more about HEX@™ Controller, please click here.

The GHS 1202-2002 VSD⁺ is suitable for rough vacuum, making it an ideal oil-injected screw vacuum pump large range of applications. These include thermoforming and white goods, food packaging and preserving, altitude simulation, woodworking lamination, clay extrusion, vacuum cooling and holding, lifting, moving applications such as pick and place for electronics, paper, canning and woodworking. 


                                                            Technical Table

Model Nominal displacement Ultimate pressure Frequency
Average absorbed
at minimal speed
Nominal motor
(ISO 251)
Oil capacity
m3/h cfm   mbar(a) torr Hz kW HP kW / HP HP dB(A) L Gal
GHS 1202 VSD+ 1172 690 0.35 0.26 20 - 140 3.5 4.7 18.5 24.8 58-74 45 11.9
GHS 1402 VSD+ 1383 814 20  - 166 22 29.5 58-74
GHS 1602 VSD+ 1581 930 20 - 200 30 40 58-77
GHS 2002 VSD+ 1771 1042 20 - 233 37 50 58-78

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