철도 산업

아트라스콥코의 고품질의 압축공기 솔루션은 모든 철도 산업에 적용이 가능하며, 척박한 환경에서도 최소한의 에너지만을 소비합니다.

철도 산업 전문가에게 문의하기

Save energy, save on costs

Our railway compressed air solutions offer the lowest energy consumption. They keep your vehicle up and running at all times while safeguarding the environment. Designed and tested in the most rigorous conditions

Optimum availability

Rely on maximum uptime with short lead times and a strong and global aftermarket service network. More than 140 years of experience with the railway industry

Built to last

Materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, and a sturdy build make sure your set-up withstands external vibrations, shocks, projectiles and snow load. Will perform even in the harshest conditions. Designed, built, tested and qualified in accordance with all international norms and standards for railway applications

Railway air systems norms and standards

All our railway products meet and exceed the most stringent norms for railway air systems. Railway compressors need to operate reliably in the most extreme ambient conditions, so all our railway products are resistant to dust, shock, vibration, fire and extreme temperatures. Railway equipment installed close to passengers should meet additional requirements for noise, safety and comfort. That is why all our products are built, tested and certified according to the most stringent railway norms, standards, directives and regulations. The railway air systems standards we meet and exceed: