HiLight PE 3 electric light tower

Portable and efficient

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3.000m² Light Coverage

Delivers an average of 20 luxes.

SMD LED lights

Incorporates four dimmable 120-watts surface mount device (SMD) LED floodlights.

Plug and light

Can be powered by any external power source.

Easy to transport

Compact design with its own ergonomic case for improved transportability.

Remote operation

Wi-Fi connection to operate the unit from a smartphone.

Wind stability

Stands winds of up to 50 km/h.

Plug-and-light portable light tower

Featuring four SMD LED floodlights, the HiLight PE 3 offers 3.000m² of light coverage and 150 lm/W of luminous efficacy. And, with a dimming function included in the driver control, these floodlights have a lifespan of up to 50.000 hours.

Features and benefits

With an ergonomic case for improved transport efficiency, the HiLight PE 3 is light and robust. This unit ensures a stable and reliable light source for work sites, being certified to withstand wind speeds of up to 50km/h without the need of fixing systems.


This plug-and-light solution is extremely flexible, with a temperature operational range that goes from -40 to 45ºC. Additionally, it can be operated from a smartphone and has Wi-Fi connection.

Technical data

Performance data   HiLight PE 3
Rated frequency Hz 50 | 60
Rated voltage VAC 100-277V
Rated power (PRP) kW 0,48
Operating temperature (min/max) ºC -40 / 45
Energy Source
Type   Electric
Floodlights   LED
Wattage W 4 x 120
Type   Manual
Rotation degrees 360
Maximum height m 3
Maximum speed wind km/h 50
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions in transport
Fix Towbar (L x W x H)
m 1,19 x 0,53 x 0,20
Weight kg 30

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HiLight PE3 light tower from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco HiLight PE3 light tower

  • Construction sites 
  • Events
  • Mines
  • Emergency applications 
  • Rental companies