Checklist for Dewatering Pumps after a period of inactivity

Service tips for a smooth restart

When your pump has had a period of inactivity, run through the items on this checklist to make sure it restarts fluently.  

  1. Measure condition of coolant with refractometer tool and PH meter – top up with coolant if needed.
  2. Replace engine oil and oil/fuel filters.
  3. Visual check of air filters and clogging indicator – replace filters if needed.
  4. Dust clean or jet wash radiator/intercooler.
  5. Drain/clean fuel tank water and sediments.
  6. Visual check of the electrical cables and harness for damages or loose ends.
  7. Check condition of hoses and clamps for leakages or possible aging.
  8. Check battery electrolyte level and voltage.
  9. Inspect and grease/clean battery terminals (with vaseline) if needed.
  10. Check oil level (vacuum pump, mechanical seal). Top up or refill if necessary.
  11. Check wear parts; adjust the impeller if needed.
  12. Inspect fan belt and the vacuum pump belt; adjust if needed.
  13. Check the tightening of critical connections.
  14. Flush the volute if not done at the last stop.
  15. Check the condition and the functioning of the float switch – if applicable.
  16. Visual check of wheels, tire pressure RE-check, and test the brake system.
  17. Test emergency stop.

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Start the unit smoothly and check the parameters. Need additional support to service your pump? Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Atlas Copco Center. We can support you on-site or remotely.

Checklist for Dewatering Pumps after a period of inactivity

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