Atlas Copco Rental Chile awarded for 7 accident-free years in Chuquicamata copper mine

Antwerp, Belgium, November 24, 2015: On October 15, the Chilean Mutual de Seguridad awarded Atlas Copco Rental for their ongoing efforts to improve workplace safety and the fact that it lead to an impressive seven years without any accidents at the Codelco Chuquicamata copper mine.

24 november 2015

Atlas Copco Rental Chile awarded for 7 accident-free years in Chuquicamata copper mine, October 2015
The Mutual de Seguridad de la Camara Chilena is a private non-profit organization devoted to workplace safety and prevention. They develop risk prevention programs in Chile and insure full coverage to workers who suffered from workplace accidents. The organization also owns a specialized hospital in Santiago. The organization regularly award companies who go the extra mile to insure workers safety in Chile. With a lot of mines in Chile this will always be a hazardous business, and the country is very sensitive to earthquakes. Only good reasons to emphasize on the importance of workplace safety. Valeria Corral, Regional manager for Atlas Copco Rental is very thankful:

We were honored to hear that Mutual de Seguridad sees us as a partner who has the same interests and a worthy prize winner. Workplace safety has been an important pillar in the Atlas Copco Group for many years. Seeing it lead to a period of seven years without any accidents in a risky work environment like the copper mine of Chuquicamata, is the best reward, so we couldn’t be more proud with this recognition.

Valeria Corral

During the Recognition Ceremony in Calama, Valeria Corral explained that our vision is to have zero accidents:

And thanks to the contract workers, we succeeded. Their commitment to safety and health made it possible for us to achieve this important milestone ... This award is not only a recognition of the steps taken during these past seven years, it is also an incentive to continue working on the safety management in this project, and an invitation to replicate this experience in all projects.

Valeria Corral

How we worked As soon as we signed the Chuquicamata contract, we established three main foundations on which we would develop our activities in and around the copper mine:

  • Safety and health
  • Environment
  • Operational quality

We considered the hazards of mining and implemented plans and protocols to control the risks associated with these hazards beforehand. We developed ways to apply and check the fulfillment of these controls. Our mission was and remains to promote and create a healthy working environment for every employee, integrating safety and occupational health in business management in order to promote self-care, prevention and people’s health impaired control.

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