Small air compressors

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All models below 750 Kg including options with a built in generator and aftercooler.

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More features as standard. Breaking new ground when it comes to efficiency.


Simplicity, speed and long service intervals

The amazing new 8 series: ready to go when you are

The new 8 Series compressor range from Atlas Copco is the result of over a decade of continuous development. For the first time, it’s possible to transport behind a normal passenger car, with no special driving license, a compressor that can produce up to 5 m3/min of air, with a full size fuel tank, aftercooler and generator all incorporated into a compact and lightweight package.

Light and efficient towable air compressor

The new 8 serie mobile compressor

The new 8 series mobile compressor

This is all made possible by the latest development in our pioneering air element design, meaning we can produce a compressor up to 150kg lighter than comparable models. However, we understand that this means nothing without efficiency. Efficiency can mean many things, such as: reduced service time, fuel consumption or increased utilization. The 8 Series ticks all the boxes when it comes to delivering outstanding performance in all of these categories.

The legendary HardHat

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Small air compressors

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