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Service for Assembly Tools
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Electric Variable Compressors
Large High Pressure Diesel Compressors
Large Low Pressure Diesel Compressors
Small Towable Compressors
Small Vehicle Mounted Compressors
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Taking care of and enabling your most valuable resource, your people. Good ergonomics is great economics.

The Atlas Copco industry breakthrough initiative in ergonomics was launched already back in 1958 with the introduction of our manufacturing ergonomics program. Today, we have a department of dedicated designers working with ergonomics in close cooperation with our product department.

But why all this focus on ergonomics? Well, despite the drive towards automation in manufacturing, many assembly operations are still performed manually. And operator fatigue, due to poorly ergonomically designed tools, are closely interlinked to quality and productivity issues, not to mention safety concerns. Ergonomics is therefore not only comfortable and good for your tool operators, it also enables them to conduct their work in a more flexible and adaptable way. This is great news for your productivity and at the end of the day, your bottom line economics.

Ergonomics is a key factor in modern day industrial manufacturing. Let us share our insights, experiences and knowledge to help you drive your manufacturing processes in a more operator-friendly and ergonomic way.

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