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Automotive Tiers systems and solutions

Proudly serving OEMs and Tiers suppliers globally with our industry-leading innovations and cutting-edge technologies

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Industry-leading innovations and cutting-edge technologies

As we embrace Industry 4.0 in automotive manufacturing, connectivity and digitalization will be new benchmarks in which automotive tiers suppliers are measured. In the ideal automotive Smart Factory, devices will connect to each other and to human interfaces, providing invaluable data in real-time that is easily accessible and provides full traceability.

Today, the Tiers market continues to grow rapidly, and OEMs need better efficiency and higher quality products. Strict quality demands on Tiers suppliers with increased product variations require both flexible and accurate processes. We offer the broadest product offering in the industry to meet all your needs and keep you ahead of Industry 4.0.

Solving automotive Tiers challenges

Quality improvements

Product complexity in the types of materials used, along with complex product variations, is increasing. At the same time, quality demands on automotive Tiers suppliers are also stricter than ever. We offer the broadest product portfolio in the industry to meet all automotive Tiers application demands.

Industry demands

The fourth industrial revolution is here and innovation-related challenges are reshaping the traditional automotive industry structure. We know the industry is changing and we are more than ready to take these changes head on in order to be a strategic resource and partner to our customers.

Maximizing uptime

Pressure continues to increase for automotive Tiers suppliers to make parts available on-demand and to deliver them to automotive OEMs on time. We not only offer the broadest product range, but we also have the most comprehensive service offering to ensure your equipment is running at its peak at all times.

Improve your processes with a total solutions provider

The automotive industry is ever evolving and constantly changing. With over a decade of focused experience in automotive manufacturing, we have the know-how it takes to keep our customers ahead of Industry 4.0. Our comprehensive range of fastening technologies offer you the chance to bring your assembly processes into the Smart Connected future.

Our fastening solutions cover the entire automotive final assembly process, from beginning to end. Harness the power of extensive data analytics and drastically improve your process with us, a total solutions provider for automotive final assembly.



We have the know-how and the solutions for all applications

Front Leather seats of a luxury car


A lot of safety critical joints are in a seats where quality and productivity demands are very high. Being your partner with improving your quality and productivity is our commitment.

Visiting car dealership. Interior of modern automobile presented in dealership


Difficult joints with various plastic material is the main challenge. Our products provide full dedicated solutions to improve your quality in those applications in ergonomic way.

Electric vehicle chassis equipped with battery pack driving on the road. 3D rendering image.


Several components make up a vehicle's drivetrain. Our products help ensure the critical joints of these components are fastened according to all safety and quality specifications that are required.

Car Dashboard air conditioner close-up view

Heating ventilation and air conditioning

High productivity, quality demands on difficult joints. Our solutions provide you the best value for your applications.

Electric Car Charging At Power Station - New alternative power energy concept


High accuracy on safety critical joints is an opportunity to create great solutions with our standard product range.

Cars parked on a public parking.


High productivity, quality demands on difficult joints with different materials. Our solutions provide you the best value for your applications.

Empty cockpit of autonomous car, HUD(Head Up Display) and digital speedometer. self-driving vehicle.

Automotive electronics

In an accelerating business, state-of-the-art cars need state-of-the-art assembling. Producing high-quality, hi-tech solutions in a user-friendly environment – with demands on sustainability from both sides.

internal structure of car. Modern automobile production line, automated production equipment. Shop for Assembly of new modern cars. way of Assembly of the car on Assembly line at plant

Closures and accessories

Lightweight closures are becoming the standard. Self-pierce riveting helps solve joining materials such as aluminum and high strength steel used in applications such as vehicle doors, hoods, tailgates, and even sunroofs.

New tool technology reduces maintenance manpower by 384 hours

A Tiers manufacturing plant located in the USA struggled with ongoing competitor tool failure. We replaced the customer's tools with Atlas Copco's Tensor STR tools, which are able to prevent grease from penetrating the tool. Our customer's annual savings after transforming to an Atlas Copco solution? About $50 000!

Power focus and corded tool

Hear from our experts

CCSWE newsletter

Reimagining the future of ILS Systems

12 tháng mười hai, 2019

The Total Workstation group at Atlas Copco is proud to announce it has enhanced their product offerings in 2019. These fantastic enhancements will carry into 2020 and beyond.

Learn more about how Smart Connected Assembly is changing the Automotive manufacturing landscape

The automotive industry is ever-evolving. Remain agile and on top of these automotive industry trends with Smart, connected solutions from Atlas Copco. By combining the right tools with the right software, your production line will become Smarter, more productive, and more flexible. Learn more about Industry 4.0. 

Automotive Tiers systems and solutions

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