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What you need in order to create a smart assembly

Our Power Focus Offering is the next level of Atlas Copco’s concept for equipping the Smart Factory. The system consists of five core parts: Power Focus 6000, Power Focus IAM, Virtual Station, Tool, and additional features. 

The Power Focus 6000 controller is the hardware interface between the line and the MES system, also providing power and communication for tools and accessories. The Power Focus IAM acts as a storage unit with dual partitions with dedicated memory for upgrade, back-up and restore purposes.

With these in place, tools and Virtual Station types can be added. The Virtual Station types control the functionality available and feed our unique tool offering. They can be enhanced by adding features to match specific applications.

Matching tools with Virtual Stations

Atlas Copco provides a full range of tightening tools, enabling you to pick the right tool for the application, with superior performance and ergonomics.

Power Focus 6000 has the possibility to connect tools from 12 families from our offer. They range from clutch tools, Mechatronic wrenches and low reaction tools to advanced transducerized tools.

Home of Industrial ideas

Power Focus Offering as part of the Smart Connected Assembly Ecosystem enables you to improve assembly stations and significantly reduce costs associated with assembly tools while at the same time improving the productivity, quality and ergonomics in the station as well as providing the flexibility needed in today’s environment of frequent change.

Atlas Copco provides a full range of tightening tools, enabling you to pick the right tool for the applications, with superior performance and ergonomics.

In the Smart Connected Ecosystem we also have visualization equipment, positioning solutions and error proofing accessories all the way to bolt positioning. As well a full assembly software suite for controlling controller set-ups, collecting and analyzing tightening data and managing quality assurance. We also can provide station control and work guidance solutions thru the Smart AMS and SQS solutions and a complete service portfolio supporting from startup to repair and optimization.

This is Smart Connected Assembly in reality, that simplifies connection, reduces installation and supports the needs for connectivity, visualization, error proofing and data in one package linked together.