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Automated tightening

Automatic stations

Discover our Smart Connected Assembly solutions

Automated systems and solutions

Industrial automation answers all the needs for manufacturing PRODUCTIVITY. Applying an intelligent system layout with an automated station allows for shorter paths within the full assembly line, thus reducing the number of work carriers, increasing the efficiency of the assembly line and reducing the investment costs. Using robots will allow the installation of heavy components, at times applying a great amount of force, while causing no damage to critical assembly components.

Better efficiency

Automated systems provide a future-proof answer to increasingly precise plant and machinery requirements. Engineered to meet the needs of new and existing assembly processes, increase in model variants, our systems provide peak efficiency, extensive flexibility and high cost effectiveness in every application.

Increase productivity and quality

of the final product depending on customer needs.
Operating times are reduced and operator's work is rationalized with the aim to improve working conditions and lower production costs.

Select the best assembly solution for your needs

Improve your process

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