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Gap filler application

Learn more about our gap filler dispensing solutions for battery assembly

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Challenges in gap filler applications:

Temperature management is an essential task in battery manufacturing. High-voltage battery cells must be operated within a specific temperature range to preserve their performance and avoid overheating. For this reason, a heat-conducting paste is applied. But to guarantee full thermal conductivity, a bubble free result is crucial. This is a challenge, because the liquid gap filler material is applied at high volumes. On top of that, the material is also highly abrasive and can wear out the equipment quickly.

Our solutions for gap filler applications:

Atlas Copco’s SCA product line offers precise metering technology and system components that are designed to handle high volumes of abrasive materials at a high productivity level. We ensure that the material is applied with great precision and an optimized pattern to avoid air pockets. By visual 3D scanning of the battery tray, we can determine the exact amount of material needed. This saves expensive material. We are able to detect dispensing errors in width, position and bead continuity immediately without adding cycle time by using in-line quality monitoring systems. This lowers your quality costs.

Your benefits:

Bubble free result

Ensuring full contact and conductivity with precise metering technology


Handling high flow rates and volumes with high-durability components

In-line quality control

Immediately detecting dispensing errors and lowering your quality costs

More info about our products and services:

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