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ToolsTalk 2 brings tightening configuration management to a new level

For years, Atlas Copco stood in a class of its own with its renowned tool programming software.

Previously available on many different standalone platforms, ToolsTalk has become synonymous with ease of programmability and user-friendly interfaces, with many notable innovations taking place as tooling and controller technology has progressed.

Using this vast experience in the realm of tightening configuration management, Atlas Copco has developed an entirely new platform with significant value to customers looking to integrate the principles of Industry 4.0 to their assembly line. ToolsTalk 2, the latest tool configuration and line management software from Atlas Copco, allows a complete view of all controllers on the assembly line, from anywhere in the customer’s facility. 

Gone are the days of having to establish a physical connection to an individual torque tool controller for simple changes to a fastening strategy – ToolsTalk 2 gives engineers and management complete access from anywhere for quick changes, real-time results monitoring and configuration backups.

ToolsTalk 2 allows access to a library of all previously-saved programs for easy deployment of setups to new controllers on the line. Offline programming allows for tightening program creation and modification anytime, anywhere. Multiple user access levels are possible, with administrator access available to track all changes and revert back to a previous version if unauthorized changes are made, which can reduce costly downtime due to configuration errors.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of ToolsTalk 2 is its commonality. With the advent of the PF6 platform as the hub for all smart connected tools from Atlas Copco, ToolsTalk 2 is universally compatible with Power Focus 6000 and PF6 FlexSystem, which means the same user interface and programming method for all types of corded handheld, wireless and fixtured assembly tools in a wide variety of configurations and torque levels.

Available as standalone software or as a server-based, plant-wide solution, ToolsTalk 2 brings management of assembly tool programming to a whole new level of intelligence and smart connectivity.

Questions? Contact Atlas Copco today.

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