Industrial air compressor rental

Rent the right compressed air solution for your needs: mobile air compressors, high pressure boosters and air treatment equipment rental

Total compressed air rental solutions

We have a wide range of compressors at your disposal for any short or long term rental requirement:

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Emergency industrial air compressors

Atlas Copco Specialty Rental offers 24/7 support in case of an emergency compressed air installation shutdown.

What to consider when you need urgent compressed air service?

When your own compressed air installation is down, this has an immediate impact on your operational efficiency.  Even though time will be crucial, make sure to ask your temporary compressor supplier about:

Time to connect

There are various compressor technologies out there.  Each technology has a specific impact on how quick it can be installed.

  • Diesel driven compressors are the ultimate play and play compressed air solution.  There is no need for electric connections, as soon as the compressor is connected to your operations, you can restart.
  • You might want to upgrade in a later phase to an electric driven compressor to lower your emissions.
    • A Variable Speed Driven compressor will require less energy and might be a better fit for your available electric grid.


Ensure your supplier can connect a full configuration to your operational installation.

Time to get onsite

Logistics can be impacted by several factors:

  • Does your supplier have a logistics team that can coordinate the transport?  Are they available 24/7?
  • Footprint of the compressors: how much flow can they package on one truck?
    • Consider a plug and play trailer solution: a compressed air configuration prefitted with dryers, all packed on a trailer
    Does your supplier have the right compressor available?
  • Do they have a depot close to your site?

Reliability in all circumstances

In most emergency situations, the temporary compressor installation will be placed outside your compressor room.  Make sure the compressor configuration is up to the challenge to be able to provide a reliable compressed air supply.  Mobile air compressors are designed to operate in various circumstances: various ambient temperature, high humidity; dust...

Prepare for the worst: contingency planning

Consider a contingency plan: whenever an emergency should happen, the right configuration can be installed in record time.

Temporary air compressors: renting your next mobile air compressor or high pressure gas booster from Atlas Copco

A lot of organizations have chosen for temporary compressed air rental solutions from us!

When looking to rent an air compressor, a booster or air treatment equipment (such as dryers, filters or heat exchangers) it’s important to really understand your needs and any hidden cost factors. Looking at just the rental cost doesn’t give you the full picture. To give an example, one solution might be more expensive than another due to specialized equipment, but it’s quicker so work can restart sooner, which generates additional revenue for you.

When should I consider to lease a compressor?

Typically, compressed air installations are configured to cater your peak demands.  When your compressed air demands fluctuates significantly (eg due to peaks, projects, seasonality...) you can consider a (partial) compressor lease.  This limites the costs of ownership: depreciation, maintenance, downtime...

Wondering whether leasing a compressor is relevant for you?  Take our usership versus ownership calculation.

How to select the right rental industrial air compressor?

Our compressed air experts will check following parameters to configure the best temporary compressed air solution


Is there a variation between the maximum and minimum operating pressure?


Is the maximum flow constant or in peaks? And, what’s the average consumption?

Air quality

What air quality does your application need? This is measured on: solid particles; water content; and oil content.


What is the reference temperature? This has an immediate impact on flow.

Agile asset management
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Agile asset management
Optimal production efficiency by keeping your books light.
Optimal production efficiency by keeping your books light.
Optimal production efficiency by keeping your books light.