Air Compressors: Designed for toughness

Designed for toughness

Atlas Copco's air compressors and tools are designed for toughness. They are designed, tried, tested and built to deliver the most sustainable solutions for every tough application in every industry.


Safety is at the core of the design process of the products. The units are built with the best, high quality, and long-lasting components. The stable design is composed to ensure the safe performance for rigorous usage in tough conditions. To ensure this toughness, various quality tests are done. Virtually and in real life.


Atlas Copo tests the performance of the air compressors under all conditions. They undergo tests in freezing and tropical hot temperatures, and in the rain. Their resistance to rust and salt is also tested, since the units are used outside on construction sies, but also on ships or drilling platforms. The machines are taken for some road tests, to ensure they can be transported to every location you can imagine and the lifting beams are subjected to a strength test. A test unit gets pushed to its limits in a lab to see what tensile forces it can witstand. By doing these various tests, Atlas copco guarantees the robustness of the chassis, the canopy and all used components.


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What makes an air compressor tough?

An air compressor can be considered tough if it has a robust design, it is durable and is built to withstand tough conditions and frequent usage. A compressor that is tough can perform safely and at its best no matter how demanding the project or unique the application. It has a reliable output in extreme conditions such as high altitude, dusty environments, and cold/hot temperatures. A portable compressor is tough due to the best quality of material, its size and weight, durable components, protective features, and the high quality of manufacturing.

What tough applications are Atlas Copco air compressors suitable for?

Atlas Copco’s air compressors are built to deliver the most sustainable solutions for every tough application in every industry. The mobile compressors are designed, tried, and tested to withstand any storm and therefore a perfect fit for tough applications like geothermal drilling, abrasive blasting or water well drilling at any remote location.

What makes Atlas Copco solutions tougher than anything else on the market?

Atlas Copco is a leader in industrial innovations, focusing on tough and sustainable solutions. The air compressors are built with the highest quality materials and components, ensuring they are durable and able to withstand harsh operating conditions. The choice of tough materials, together with advanced engineering and robust design, leads to reliable, efficient, and tough performances over time. Testing and validation is an important step in the manufacturing process, making sure the mobile compressors meet high standards to provide customers long-lasting performance and value.

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