Electric vs diesel calculator - disclaimer

Where we got our results from...

This easy calculator gives only an estimation of your annual operating costs and results are intended for informational purposes only. The calculation, formulae and underlying data all comes from our own research, based on years of performance data from compressors in both field and lab conditions. Default energy costs can be consulted on official European online and offline sources.

Even though all information in this calculator is backed by real data, every user situation is different, and these results just give an indication of what you can expect. The presented results do not replace personal, professional advice and are not intended as sole basis for important decisions. Are you looking for a more personal analysis of your compressed air needs? Then contact us for made-to-measure and more accurate advice.

Atlas Copco Portable Air Division is, as creator of this calculator, in no way liable of any actions or decisions that may be taken by users. This calculator and its content are subject to adaptations without prior notice.

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