Service Checklist for Pneumatic Hammers and Breakers

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your Atlas Copco TEX handheld tool with these Service Tips.
RTEX Pneumatic handheld

Regular maintenance for ultimate productivity

Regular maintenance is a basic requirement for the continued safe and efficient use of the machine. Follow the maintenance instruction carefully.

  1. Check that the compressed air hose and couplings are free from damage.
  2. Check that the breaker is properly lubricated using Atlas Copco Breaker and Hammer Air-Oil. If the breaker is equipped with a built-in lubricator, it should be filled daily. It is a good habit to do this at the start of work each morning.
  3. Check regularly that the oil plug is tight.
  4. Check that the O-ring on the oil plug is undamaged and that it closes tightly.
  5. Check the function of the tool retainer by pulling the tool outward with the tool retainer in the closed position. It should not be possible to release the tool from the breaker.
  6. Check the wear of the tool chuck, using a special chuck gauge. Too much play here will lead to increased vibrations. Replace an over-worn chuck immediately.
  7. If the breaker is equipped with vibro-reducing handles, check the functioning:
    • handles should move freely up and down
    • handles should not have too much play forward-backward
    • check the springs on spring-loaded handles, and replace damaged springs.

Periodic maintenance

After each operating period of approximately 150 impact hours or twice a year the machine must be dismantled and all parts be cleaned and checked. This work must be performed by authorized staff who are trained for this task.

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Service Checklist for Pneumatic Hammers and Breakers

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