How to restart your compressor after a period of inactivity?

Check out these 11 steps in our service checklist to start up your mobile compressor smoothly and safely!

Our Portable Compressors are built to last, even when they’re not running. These machines are perfectly capable of coping with periods of inactivity. And to make sure your engine starts up smoothly and efficiently, take a look at this easy maintenance checklist:

  1. You probably haven’t seen this unit in a while! So first of all, you should check for leaks in your system, which should be followed by a double-check.
  2. Drain the water from the fuel filter, fuel tank and the compressor oil vessel as well. Your unit is now water-free!
  3. Check the oil and coolant levels of both your engine and compressor and top up if necessary.
  4. Look at the air filter element, which should be free of dirt and oil residue. Replace this element if needed.
  5. Check the non-return valve in the fuel (return) line.
  6. Inspect the electrical systems and cables to make sure there are no issues, and everything is connected seamlessly.
  7. Take a look at the electrolyte level and terminals.
  8. Inspect the torque on critical connections.
  9. Inspect the fan belt and adjust if necessary.
  10. Make sure the regulating valve functions smoothly.
  11. Check the tire pressure: your mobile compressor needs to be mobile!
PTS XAHS Compressor Service
You’re ready for a smooth restart! Load the unit and build up pressure steadily to start and keep monitoring the parameters. Need additional support? Please contact your nearest Atlas Copco Center. Get in touch if you need service or parts, or spare parts!

How to restart your compressor after a period of inactivity?

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