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Natural gas compressor BBR

Engineered to deliver compressed natural gas (CNG) meeting the high demands of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) refueling stations, our BBR reciprocating gas compressors raise the bar with proven Atlas Copco technologies.

Work with our complete and clean energy solutions throughout your entire NGV value chain.

Natural gas compressor BBR

Key technical specifications

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One-stop solution for Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) refueling stations

Designed as a one-stop solution for Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) refueling stations, our BBR natural gas piston compressor provides reliable, safe, and energy-efficient refueling solutions in hundreds of applications across the globe.

A host of field-tested technologies such as direct drive, pressurized crankcases, and advanced air-cooling help you to increase efficiency, reduce maintenance requirements and maintain complete control over the refueling process.

Rounding out the package, we provide a full scope of matching CNG and NGV accessories for station owners and companies making full use of virtual CNG pipelines.

Always putting your processes first, we can customize your machine for specific conditions (sub-zero temperatures, dusty environments, etc.).

CNG- Compressed Natural Gas solutions

Compact design
Space is at a premium at many refueling stations, so our compressors set themselves apart through their compact, space-saving design and easy installation 
Meeting industry quality standards
For added peace of mind, the design of our natural gas compressors meets quality standards such as ISO 9001. 
The VIP for CNG unloading
Our variable inlet pressure (VIP) compressors make use of the pressure in your CNG trailers to reduce daughter station requirements. Featuring Variable Speed Drive, they unload more gas from a trailer than other compressors, saving you money on gas-regulation and recompression
Natural gas compressor BBR for CNG


Keeping cool under high workloads, the BBR natural gas compressor achieves low discharge temperatures through proper staging and large, oversized high-efficiency intercoolers.

This ensures a longer operating life for valves, rings and pistons – and helps keep your maintenance interruptions at a minimum.


Benefits of our BBR natural gas compressor

Lowering your energy bill
For an NGV refueling station, energy consumption can typically run up to 80% of the total cost of ownership. Our natural gas compressor lowers your costs with very high levels of energy efficiency.
High safety standards
Meeting the stringent safety standards at NGV refueling stations, our compressors comply with industry codes such as TEMA and ASME. And they are also equipped with a multi-level alarm system for measuring the pressure, temperature, liquid level, and density of compressed natural gas.
Low operating costs
As a refueling station owner, you are looking for the lowest operating costs. To help you reach that goal, our BBR gas compressor delivers one of the lowest operating costs in the market.


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