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Electrification and e-mobility - news, stories & events

Welcome to our blog on the electrification of industry and a world running on batteries. The future is truly electrifying.

Electrification, the process of replacing fossil-fuelled technologies with those that use electricity as a source of energy, is changing industrial manufacturing and the world around us. Driven by employees, customers, partners, governmental authorities, and other stakeholders, sustainability is rightfully on the agenda of every manufacturer. Aside from playing an important role in reducing operational CO2 emissions, the electrification of industrial manufacturing can lower equipment maintenance costs and improve efficiency.

In everyday life, however, the move to electricity is nowhere more apparent than in the automotive industry - a transition to electric mobility powered by new technologies. The first vehicles were all powered with batteries and now the concept of the electric vehicle (EV) has come full circle. At the heart of an EV is the battery. Choosing the right technologies for the different steps in the battery manufacturing process is crucial, but also producing the batteries in a sustainable way with as little rework and scrap as possible.

Electrification is a key trend in modern day industrial manufacturing. Let us share our insights, experiences, and knowledge to help electrify your business and save our planet.

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