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Smart Connected Assembly - 6 pillars of value

Learn more how to have the right tool in the right place without fixed installations


Introduction of New Products

Creating faster and better assembly lines
With the market demand for new products so high and with competition so fierce, your ability to adapt and change your assembly line is crucial for staying competitive. New production lines have to be up and running, at their full potential, faster than ever before without losing focus on quality and costs. Running an assembly line in today’s manufacturing industry is no easy task.


Making all necessary changes takes both time and resources. Factory floor equipment and workstations need to be moved or added to the production line. You must retrain your personnel and make sure the quality is kept at top level during the process. On top of it all, you need to have constant control and keep up with your production targets.
You need a system to make sure that those changes can be made reliably and that you can always be assured of a first-time right approach to minimize the time and resources needed


We are in the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. Devices and equipment can share and collect massive amounts of data. But how can the data collecting and sharing capabilities of your equipment really reduce the burden of an ever-changing production line?
Our studies have found that introducing Smart Connected Assembly into your assembly line can ensure pivoting results to introduce new products significantly faster and with less cost without any loss in quality. One Customer reduced the costs of change by 57 percent. All of this while ensuring quality and getting it right the first time.

Introduction of New Products with Smart Connected Assembly

The ideal assembly line merges rapid changeover times with thorough quality assurance and testing. Getting that right requires information and significant planning. The data collection and planning is based on four components that together form the production system:
• Assembly line data to optimize the complete line
• Workstation data to manage the functions of a workstation and allow scalability
• Tool configuration securing that tools are configured properly
• Operator information supporting the operator in performing the job
Virtual workstations logic allow for test, scale and rebalance operations and processes. Each workstation is preconfigured with a control logic, supporting rapid and intuitive change and adjustments. Rather than reallocating or commissioning new hardware it only requires loading the new configuration onto the workstation.
Smart Connected Assembly lead the operator in their work and reduce the need for training and provides a fast implementation of new products keeping quality and business in focus.
The Bottom Line Constant change in production is a must to stay competitive. Now more than ever. Production lines for new, high-quality products need to be introduced fast, at minimum cost. With Smart Connected Assembly, you achieve all these objectives, maximizing cost effectiveness, quality, and speed.
Welcome to Smart Connected Assembly!

Smart Connected Assembly supports Industry 4.0 becoming reality. A reality where technology is easy to use and quickly delivers value.

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