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Oil-free air solutions for high quality printing

Lidergraf, a successful Portuguese graphic arts company, uses compressed air, blower and vacuum solutions to meet its demand for 100% oil-free, high-quality air to ensure the quality of its products.

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Increased compressed air and blower capacity

António Crespo, responsible for maintenance Lidergraf

Since its start in 1994, Lidergraf, headquartered in Vila do Conde, Portugal, has successfully and steadily grown to be one of the largest graphic arts companies in the country with 145 employees and annual revenue around € 20 million.

Lidergraf operates 24/7. To meet production demands, the company has had to increase its compressed air, vacuum and blower capacity. Lidergraf chose us to provide 100% oil-free compressed air and blowers to ensure the high quality of their printed products.

Zero risk with ZT compressors and ZS blower

The company installed two ZT 132 VSD FF and ZT 110 FF oil-free compressors with integrated adsorption dryers, a ZS 55+ VSD oil-free screw blower, and a ZE oil-free screw vacuum pump.

Featuring energy-efficient integrated dryers, both compressors provide 100% pure, clean oil-free air that complies with ISO 8573-1 Class 0 (2010) certification. This means zero risk of contamination; zero risk of damaged products; and zero risk of losses from operational downtime.

The ZT 132 VSD FF compressor and the ZS 55+ VSD oil-free screw blower both feature variable speed drive (VSD) technology. VSD technology adjusts the motor speed to the air demand automatically, achieving substantial energy savings of 35% on average. In addition, VSD dramatically reduces the energy requirements in the overall production process.

An excellent partnership

“ reliable, high-quality and energy-efficient equipment, compressors with variable speeds and integrated dryers ”

Antonio Crespo , Lidergraf Maintenance Manager

Lidergraf also has a full liability maintenance contract for the ZT 132 VSD FF and calls on our trained technicians to maintain the other equipment. Crespo indicates he would recommend our products and services without hesitation: “As the constant production of high-quality compressed air is very important for our production, the partnership with Atlas Copco proves to be excellent.”