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Total Responsibility service plan

Total Responsibility Plan - Complete compressor care

A Total Responsibility plan takes care of everything. All air compressor maintenance, upgrades, repairs and drive line overhauls are included for an all-inclusive price.
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Total Responsibility Plan - Complete compressor care

Reliability with a clear return

For an all-inclusive price, we take complete care of your compressor, with on-time maintenance by expert service engineers with genuine parts. 


In addition to taking care of all the routine maintenance, our service engineers will proactively detect and repair any developing problems. They will retrofit your compressor with the latest improvements resulting from our ongoing R&D efforts.

If our technicians notice that the reliability of a compressor’s drive line is declining, an overhaul is scheduled, giving a new lease of life to your compressor. 

Get fully connected

A fully loaded SMARTLINK gives you the opportunity to keep track of the efficiency of your compressed air system without even visiting the compressor room.

What is included

With Total Responsibility you get

Full Service

Includes troubleshooting, genuine parts and expert service as well as repairs.
Element overhaul
After many years of operation, replacing the core component gives your equipment a new lease of life.

High priority

Our service experts monitor all the relevant compressor data and respond quickly to your needs, with proactive service and advanced support.

Time & cost saving

Reduces the total cost of ownership of your equipment and offers maximum machine availability.

A green solution

Upholding the energy efficiency of your equipment means minimizing the environmental impact and achieving your energy saving targets.

Remote monitoring

Thanks to SMARTLINK Energy, you can follow up on the energy efficiency of your compressor room, with easy access to reports and recommendations. 

Why Total Responsibility

Why choose for a Total Responsibility Service Plan

Our Highest level of support

As a Service Plan customer, all your relevant compressor data are known to Atlas Copco. Advanced diagnostic services enable us to spot and fix any deviations in the performance of your compressors. It also ensures air quality stays on-spec, protecting down-stream equipment and end products.

This way, our service experts can respond quickly to your needs, with automatically scheduled service visits, proactive repairs, and advanced support.

On top of that we will retrofit your compressor with the latest improvements and solutions from our ongoing R&D efforts. Your payback is the best energy efficiency available on a single equipment level.

Maximizing service uptime

Total Responsibility has it all; expert monitoring and troubleshooting, genuine parts and on-time expert service, all within a quick and efficient workflow. 

Proactive repairs and priority emergency support with a guaranteed response time prevent problems from deteriorating.

Lower energy costs

Timely service and updates prevent that the wear of consumables may increase the energy consumption of your compressors. Within a Total Responsibility Plan, Atlas Copco service engineers know exactly when to replace parts and what checks to perform to reduce your energy cost.

What is the risk of not having Total Responsibility?

If you handle maintenance yourself, the risk of suddenly increasing costs could jeopardize your budget. Unforeseen repairs mean unplanned interruptions and high costs.

Within a Total Responsibility Plan, repairs and overhauls are included. As your compressor is updated with the latest technology, a top level of energy efficiency is achieved. 

Additional Services

Additional options

Optimization contract
Our Industry 4.0-ready solution to optimize your energy consumption, achieve maximum availability and have an energy consultant always at your disposal. It includes the cost-saving Optimizer 4.0 compressor room controller.

Upgrade to AIRPlan for even more benefits


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