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Compressor solutions for glass industry

Compressed air systems to deliver high-quality, pure and safe glass. Energy efficient and reliable solutions tailored to glass manufacturing.

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Maximum energy efficiency

Industry leading energy efficiency through innovative sustainable technologies. We deliver energy efficient optimized compressed air installations.

Reliable global service network

Designed to deliver consistent performance and optimize uptime. To keep a check on every aspect of your glass production process, our service network ensures proactive control and monitoring, as well as an aftermarket support that suits your needs.

Optimal cost of ownership

Superior reliability and reduced production costs while protecting the quality and integrity of your product. We deliver the best value with very clear advantages.

Ensuring pure and safe oil-free air for glass packaging

When compressed air is blown into parisons to form a glass bottle or jar, only oil-free compressed air from a Class 0 certified compressor is guaranteed to prevent contamination of your products. Our reliable compressed air solutions help glass manufacturers make high-quality and safe glass products.


  • Pneumatic transport of raw material
  • Combustion air for furnaces
  • Bottle blowing
  • Cooling air
  • Instrument air
  • Plant air
  • Autoclaves