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Pulp and paper compressor solutions

Compressed air solutions for all applications in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry. Certified clean air guarantees high quality paper and pulp end products. High energy efficiency and reliability leads to a low total cost of ownership

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Energy efficient paper production process

The pulp and paper manufacturing process is a continuous and energy intensive process. Options such as a variable speed drive and the monitoring system SMARTlink make our products the most energy efficient on the market

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Continous reliable paper production

In the paper making process the equipment is operational 24/7. That is why reliability means assuring our products’ uptime and performance are consistent and as high as is possible. To expand our reliability, we have developed an aftermarket service from highly trained personnel spread globally over 180 countries

Certified oil free air for pulp and paper

All our blowers are ISO 8573-1 (2010) Class 0 certified: Guaranteeing that the air is not contaminated during the compression process is key for manufacturing qualitative paper and we are the only compressor and blower manufacturer that has ISO 22000 certifications

Maintenance predictability with SMARTlink

Interruptions are extremely expensive in the pulp and paper manufacturing process because it is a continuous operation. That is why our SMARTlink monitoring system perfectly suits this industry. It connects the compressors to any device you want and allows you to monitor and analyze the products during production. When a problem occurs or a shutdown is imminent the system will warn you so you can schedule the necessary maintenance. This reduces losses that are normally experienced during a shutdown or maintenance. Read more on SMARTlink

Lowest total cost of ownership possible

We always strive to achieve what our customers want. In an energy intensive industry such as the pulp and paper manufacturing industry this means having a reliable and qualitative continuous airflow from compressors with low energy consumption. Finally, there is no need for extra investments concerning noise cancelling rooms or to counter vibrations. This makes our products' total cost of ownership low in comparison with other compressed air solutions

Benefits of oil-free air

Air quality in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry has great influence on the quality of the end product. Any oil in the air can easily contaminate the product. This is especially important for products such as: high-quality printing paper, hygiene products, baby diapers, tissues and towels and all other quality paper products. Finally, there is no maintenance needed for filter problems or replacing membranes as is the case with oil-injected air, which further decreases the total cost of ownership.

Customer stories

UK Buxton Press printing application story

New compressed air system reduces CO2 emissions for Buxton Press

5 December, 2017

Reading time: 3 minutes
Installing a new Atlas Copco ring main and variable speed driven (VSD) compressor with ancillaries is calculated to result in an annual carbon reduction of approximately 48 tonnes of CO2 for award winning magazine printing company, Buxton Press Limited - along with close to £7,500 per annum savings in compressed air energy costs.


Pneumatic conveying

Compressed air is used for pneumatic transport of pulp and wastepaper.

Drying & cooling

Air is used to cool down the paper after it is pressed. If this air is contaminated it would pollute the end product.

Wastewater treatment

The pulp and paper manufacturing process needs a lot of water. That is why the plants are situated next to a water way most of the time. The water that is extracted has to be cleaned of minerals, bacteria and more before it can be used in the manufacturing process. Read more on wastewater treatment

Air motor & air knife

Air knives deliver a continuous flow of high velocity air to strip away moisture and debris. A reliable supply of low pressure air to work succesfully.

Pulp and paper ancillary products