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Clean and green – The new OSC oil-water separator

Too many oil-water separators offer subpar quality and minimal ease of use. No more! Atlas Copco’s OSC allows you to comply with local regulations and to protect the environment with unmatched filtration precision and zero-hassle maintenance.

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A complete range

The OSC comes in different types and sizes to give you maximum flexibility. There are small single-use and larger serviceable models. The OSC 12-625 are two-stage, while the OSC 1250-2500 are three-stage units. For the OSC 2500, a flow divider evenly splits the flow between two units.

Effortless maintenance

The OSC comes with multiple smaller polypropylene bags for our larger units and easy removeable activated carbon and organoclay cartridges. This simplifies maintenance and reduces service time.

And one more bonus

The OSC’s user-friendliness also extends to its extremely long service interval of 4,000 hours, which ensures optimal uptime.

Effective & effortless condensate treatment

The OSC stands for:

Oil is separated more effectively thanks to innovative dual-stage filtration technology

Strict clean water standards pose no problem because the OSC delivers extremely high purity

Cartridges and filter bags that capture the filtered oil make condensate treatment easier and a lot less messy

The benefits of dual filtration

The OSC uses an ingenious triple filtration technology with polypropylene and activated carbon that removes a wider range of oil types and can achieve a water purity as low as 5 ppm. Organoclay cartridges are available to take on stronger emulsions.

To optimize its performance, the OSC monitors correct water passage and polypropylene filter saturation. A test outlet simplifies verification of filtration performance.

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