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Oil-free reciprocating nitrogen and air boosters DX&DN (VSD)

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Improve your workplace environment

The DX/DN boosters are adaptable in design: depending on the kind of gas you want to boost for your process, they can be delivered with or without canopy.

No oil contamination

The boosters are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified, meaning that no oil from the booster will enter your air or gas network, minimizing production downtime.

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High energy savings

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) adjusts the flow according your needs, reducing your compressed air or nitrogen energy bills by approximately 35%.

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Re-use your energy

The integrated energy recovery system uses the heat of compression for hot water elsewhere in your production system like boilers, showers, space heating…

Plug and run

DX/DN (VSD) boosters are installed in no time thanks to their compact design, integrated components and concrete base. Minimal installation costs

Control your process

The Elektronikon® unit saves you money by controlling the pressure and flow to maximise efficiency and protects your equipment from failure.

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Certified oil-free and nitrogen boosters

Our robust DX/DN boosters come as mono-stage or two-compression stage machines, compressing your air or nitrogen in a broad variety of pressure:

  • up to 70 bar (e) maximum
  • flow ratios depending on your specific process needs
Delivering 100% oil-free ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified compressed air or nitrogen, you minimize the risk of oil contamination in your production as no oil from the compressor will ever enter your air or nitrogen network from the booster.

Adjust the flow to your needs with VSD

The two-stage boosters can be variable speed drive (VSD), increasing your energy savings by aproximately 35%, as this system automatically adjusts the flow to your needs. Safety first: the Elektronikon® unit controls the pressure and flow, and protects the unit from failure due to the internal sensors.

Energy savers

You can save even more, thanks to the integrated heat recovery system, enabling you to re-use the heat of compression as hot water elsewhere in your production system (e.g.like heating spaces or, showers.). Safety first: the Elektronikon® unit controls the pressure and flow, and protects the unit from failure due to the internal sensors. Our innovative design and use of advanced materials has allowed us to simplify the design of the unit as well as increase energy efficiency, . DX/DN boosters are all-in-one packages, very easy to install and maintain, and saving you time and money.

Technical specifications

Capacity Nm3/h

60 Nm³/h - 12 800 Nm³/h

Working pressure

25 bar(e) - 70 bar(e)

Installed motor power

37 kW - 315 kW


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