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Generacion de gas industrial

Gas generators

Buying gas bottles is history- Generate your own gas, wherever and whenever you need it

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Have a supply of nitrogen | Reliable oxygen is essential for industries that use it regularly. Compared to on-demand cylinder delivery, self-generation of gases offers significant advantages


Benefits of gas generators

Cost Savings | Safety | Comprehensive solution | Constant supply | friendly environment | No waste | controlling the purity you need

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gas generators price benefits

Nitrogen/ Oxygen price benefits

365days a year

All nitrogen | oxygen you need, when you need it. You can count on nitrogen | oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Obtaining your own supply of industrial gas without depending on third parties guarantees your production efficiency

80% possible savings

With no rental and transportation costs (subject, among other factors, to changes in fuel prices), on-site generation allows you to calculate more stable budgets. In addition, the investment is returned back in less than a year.

99,999% purity

The generator allows you to control nitrogen purity based on what is best for each specific process in your plant. Can be set up to 99.999%

How Nitrogen Generators Can Save You Money

For many businesses that require nitrogen, the go-to solution is to rent cylinders because it’s fast and reasonably reliable. However, these tanks usually never get emptied and you are wasting as much as 20% of unused nitrogen remaining inside — representing waste losses in gas that was paid for but never used. Cylinders must also be transported within your facility, which can lead to workplace accidents and an increase in workers compensation claims.

Unlike nitrogen cylinders, on-site nitrogen generators provide a constant supply of nitrogen 24/7 directly on your property, you won’t have to worry about the risks associated with transportation. Therefore, while there is an initial investment to purchase a nitrogen generator, however it could save you money on the long run and a payback in less than a year


On-site oxygen generators

Like nitrogen, oxygen (process gas) is vital to many industries, as is the need for oxygen in many processes in industrial and medical applications. Atlas Copco's OGP series of oxygen generators, equipped with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, is an economical way to produce your own oxygen. Our PSA technology isolates oxygen molecules from compressed air. Oxygen generation requires only a source of dry compressed air to produce 90-95% pure oxygen.


How to generate your own nitrogen | oxygen?

There are two main methods for removing the extra molecules from the air. One of these is pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, which filters out unwanted (i.e. non-nitrogen) molecules.

How it works is simple: when the air is drawn through the intake valve, it is sent through a carbon molecular sieve (CMS). The CMS has tiny pores across its surface that are the perfect size for oxygen molecules. Because nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules, they do not adsorb to the material and pass on undeterred through the CMS. 

Similar to some desiccant dryers, PSA nitrogen generators have two chambers: one with fresh CMS for the current adsorption process, and another that swings to low pressure to desorb oxygen from saturated CMS. PSA nitrogen generation can produce up to 99.999 percent pure nitrogen.

The second key method to “generate” nitrogen is membrane nitrogen generation. The membranes are a bundle of small, hollow polymer fibers with small pores across the surface.  Because oxygen is smaller than nitrogen, it preferentially passes through these pores, eventually leaving only nitrogen. This process is called permeation. Membrane technology can produce up to 99.5 percent pure nitrogen.

Membrane nitrogen generator

  • Flow: 1.4-246 Nm3 / h
  • Purity: 90-99.5%

PSA nitrogen generator

  • Flow: 2-2650 Nm3 / h
  • Purity: 95-99.999%

PSA nitrogen skid (40-300 bar)

  • Flow: 4-54 Nm3 / h
  • Purity: 99.95-99.999%

PSA oxygen generator

  • Flow: 2-200 Nm3 / h
  • Purity: 93-95%

New OGP + oxygen generator

  • 30% more efficient!
  • 70% extra energy savings

 In Atlas Copco Egypt, We could design a complete installation for you from scratch with the most efficient equipment on the market

Since Atlas Copco Egypt can provide all of the technologies from a single source, you do not have to deal with multiple vendors to get your oxygen gas  or even worry about any compatibility issues. our Atlas Copco specialist is never far away for a free consultation visit

Gas generators industries

The use of nitrogen gas and oxygen gas is essential for hundreds of applications in industrial processes. With our extensive experience we know the needs that may arise in each specific case.

Nitrogen applications / Oxygen applications

Apps gases2

Advanced monitoring, control & connectivity

If you operate a smart factory or Industry 4.0 production environment then Atlas Copco’s nitrogen and oxygen generators will fit right in.

Their advanced monitoring, control and connectivity features allow you to optimize performance and efficiency.

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