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Calculate the total cost of ownership of your electric air compressor

When you invest in an E-Air electric air compressor, you’re not only investing in a sustainable solution. Savings on maintenance and energy costs will greatly reduce your total cost of ownership. Calculate your operational cost savings.

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Save up to 50% on your running costs

Let's put it in numbers: if you spend 100 euro on electricity, the electric E-Air VSD compressor can run double the hours of a comparable diesel compressor with 100 euro worth of fuel. This is thanks to the E-Air's energy-efficient motors as well as the prices of electricity when compared to those of diesel.

Mobile air compressors run almost always in partial or unload situations. Especially in these conditions, a VSD motor offers significant energy savings. An E-Air VSD is powered by a permanent magnet motor, the most efficient type of motor in the market. Together with an in-house developed Atlas Copco screw element, the E-Air's energy-efficiency is unbeatable.

Longer service intervals

No diesel engine means less service: only once every 2 years (or 2000 hours). So you're not only saving good money, but also time.

Calculate your operational costs

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