Up to 100 mm

solid handlings

Up to 120 m

Max. head

Up to 2100 m3/h

Max flow

Atlas Copco’s centrifugal water pumps

The surface dewatering pump ranges are designed and developed to offer high performance, reliability, and ease of use across multiple industries for applications like construction and mine site dewatering, removing floodwater, and other municipal applications.

At Atlas Copco, we understand pumps, their application, and most importantly, the people using them. We have a complete range of diesel and electric-driven pumps that offer durability and long life. The modular design delivers flexibility in packaging. And, easy servicing of wear components means less downtime and more pumping without stopping.

PAS HardHat® range

PAS HardHat dewatering pump

PAS HardHat pump

The new PAS HardHat® models come with Atlas Copco’s innovative HardHat®, made of medium-density polyethylene instead of metal to protect the working operation underneath from the elements.
The PAS Hardhat® series pump comes standard with an EU-certified Trailer with 2 stabilizer legs. They can also be offered on a robust galvanized skid based on needs.
The PAS HardHat® pump range is fully EU emission compliant and features a 120% fully leak-free structure, making it a clean and green machine. Offering available for worldwide emission norms and certifications, this range can also use HVO renewable diesel.

PAS MF/HF range

Dry prime pumps

PAS pump (open and closed canopy)

The PAS MF/HF range of dry prime pumps is engineered to offer high performance in any condition. Comprising of an air separator unit and a vacuum pump, it delivers rapid automatic primming. Even with suction heights of several meters,the machine rapidly evacuates the air from the suction pipe and starts to pump. Additionally, thanks to the semi-open impeller, the PAS range is also suitable for pumping liquids with solids in suspensions.

VAR range

Wet prime pump

VAR pump

The VAR range of wet prime pumps offer a robust and flexible solution for dewatering applications. The technology allows to have a simple first prime due to its first water fill in capabilities. Due to its open impeller and solids handling capabilities, the equipment perfectly suits for medium construction and flood controls.

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