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Quiet, reliable and robust − Atlas Copco launches new low-investment, belt-driven 15 to 22 kW compressor range

With the launch of the GL15-22 compressor range, small business compressed air users can now enjoy the proven benefits of Atlas Copco rotary screw technology: robust performance, simple installation and maintenance, plus easy control and monitoring.

The all-new GL15–22 belt-driven, fixed-speed compressor family has been designed from the outset to provide quiet, efficient, powerful and reliable performance. The three-model range increases free air delivery by a competitive 7.2 per cent margin, while also reducing specific energy requirement by a significant 5.6 per cent compared to the previous range.

The compact 15, 18 and 22 kW machines, each powered by an IE3 motor, are available at working pressures of 7.5, 10 and 13 bar(e) with an output capacity range of 31.5 to 62.0 l/s (112.3 to 223.2 m3/hr).

Capable of 100 per cent continuous operation in demanding conditions with temperatures of up to 46 °C, the plug-and-play compressors are offered in multiple configurations: floor or tank mounted, plus pack and full-feature versions complete with integrated refrigerant dryer and filter.

Easy to install, operate and maintain, they occupy an extremely small footprint − no larger than an average pallet − enabling point-of-use placement against a wall or in a corner. All main components, for instance the oil separator and filter, are easily accessible for inspection and to carry out routine maintenance procedures.

The new compressors offer a near-silent alternative to the noise of piston compressors thanks to their belt-driven rotary screw compressor element, which greatly reduces vibration. Monitoring and control are made easy with the compressor’s icon-based display that provides pressure settings, outlet temperature readings, running hours/hours working at load, and service warnings. Outlet pressure settings can be made directly on the controller.

The new GL15–22 range can be tailored to customer-specific requirements with a range of options that include an integrated filter, electronic water drain (EWD) on compressor coolers, and an air receiver drain. Units can also be provided with a tropical thermostat and supplied filled with food-grade oil for sensitive applications or Atlas Copco’s Roto Synthetic Xtend oil for longer drain intervals.

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