Fresh Air | February 2017

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Top Tip: Assess your compressed air system regularly

compressed air system assessment

Of all the energy used for generating compressed air, a large part of it is not used for a variety of reasons. The first place to start minimising the waste is to assess your air system, preferably twice a year. This can range from a simple visual inspection to a complete air audit. Air leakages are one of the biggest sources of energy loss for many compressed air users. Performed by our energy consultants, an Airscan audit can identify waste and knock thousands off your energy bill.


Audit your compressed air installation

See our new vacuum pumps at Hannover Messe

Vacuum pumps at ComVac exhibition

Atlas Copco is showing an array of vacuum pump innovations at ComVac in Hannover, including larger models of GHS VSD+ screw vacuum pumps offering 3000-5000 m3/hr; a new range of single stage, oil-sealed rotary vane pumps; a multi claw vacuum pump with VSD technology; liquid rings pumps; and an electrical multi control cabinet.

Check them out from April 24-28th, Hall 26, Stand B32

886 million cups of tea!

saving energy for the UK manufacturing

That's the amount of energy our VSD compressors have helped UK industry save in just one year, which is equivalent to approximately 22,140,700 kWh or over 10 million kg of C02.

Visit our website to learn more about energy efficient VSD compressors

50 years of oil-free compressors

class 0 oil-free air comrpressors

In 1967 Atlas Copco was the first company to launch stationary, oil-free, electrically driven compressors, the Z series. And the Z range were the first compressors to achieve ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) and ISO 22000 certification. 100% guaranteed, oil-free compressed air to ensure both reputation and bottom line are protected – essential for manufacturers who find that air quality is essential to their production process.

Put our 50 years of experience in oil-free compressors to the test

Powerful yet quiet compressors for bodyshop owners and SMEs

bodyshop compressor

A new generation of powerful yet quiet oil-injected rotary screw workplace air compressors are available in 7 kW, 11 kW and 15 kW variants with flows varying from 29.5-68.7 cfm. The G7-15 series of compressors offer a number of enhancements in terms of energy efficiency, reliability, and Free Air Delivery to SMEs and bodyshops alike.
Looking for a dependable source of compressed air to locate right in the heart of your workplace?

Do you recall the ESOS audit?

energy savings following ESOS assesment

If you were eligible to take an ESOS audit, did you put in place the energy savings revealed by it? Atlas Copco’s Dirk Ville explains how UK manufacturing companies may be missing out, in this article in Plant & Works Engineering.

Read the article

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