Watch the GHS 1900VSD+ video product presentation for the UK

Richard Oxley, vacuum product manager for the UK, presents the features and benefits of the oil-lubricated rotary screw vacuum pump GHS VSD+ in its 1900m3/h capacity version. Find out more why this technology is unique and what are the available options for the range.

Vacuum pump sales and service in the UK

We have put more than 140 years of experience into the most sustainable compressor solutions, including the invention of VSD and VSD+ compressors which reduce energy costs to unmatched levels. Now we’ve used this experience to develop a game-changing innovation in vacuum pumps as well. Our new GHS VSD+ is the superior alternative to traditional oil-injected vane pumps and has a proven record of 50% energy savings on average.

Atlas Copco UK offers a small range: 390–870 m³/h and a mid range: 1300–1900 m³/h and provides parts and service for any brand vacuum pumps within the UK. Discover our special offer for the GHS VSD+ vacuum pump here.

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