What makes our ZS screw blower technology ideal for clean water & waste water treatment?

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+50years experience

Atlas Copco has 50 years of experience with oil-free rotary screw elements


The ISO 1217 Annex C standard guarantees that the stated free air delivery is what you actually get

-30% energy reduction

Atlas Copco screw blowers reduce energy costs by 30% or more compared to lobe blower technology

The ZS range of rotary screw air blowers guarantees a continuous, highly reliable, energy-efficient and 100% oil-free air supply to your process for years on end, and at the lowest possible operating cost.

  • Lowest aeration blower energy cost, representing 70% of the total operational cost;

  • Low downtime and low maintenance cost thanks to innovative screw blower technology;

  • Very wide flow and pressure operational range.

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