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Stylised old compressor and Industrial Air sales manager with sunset background, off to retire together

We're on the hunt for the oldest running industrial compressor in GB

This contest is now closed

2019 is a big year for Atlas Copco in Great Britain. We will be celebrating the hundredth anniversary of our Customer Centre being established. As one of the oldest Atlas Copco entities outside of Sweden, we have chosen to share the festive spirit surrounding our anniversary with a competition.

Congratulations to Whitworths Ltd, who has won our Oldest Compressor competition! Their 43 year old Atlas Copco GA408 compressor has run for over 167,000 hours in the production of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. They win a replacement compressor with the same free air delivery, which will be installed by our distributor Anglian Compressors.

What is the competition about?

Compressors play a big part in the industrial and manufacturing sector. Often referred to as the fourth utility, they are the silent partner powering many of the processes necessary to manufacture our every day comforts. In what is for us a landmark anniversary, we would like to turn the attention to these silent partners and find the compressor that has completed the longest tour of duty in Great Britain (and is still going!)

The reward will be your compressor's long-overdue retirement, replaced by a free, latest generation GA fixed speed compressor that offers the same level of free air delivery, with the machine's delivery included.

If you are running an old, 30kW to 90kW, oil-injected, stationary compressor, we'd like to hear from you!

All entrants to the competition of a qualifying compressor of 10 years old or more will receive a handy 3 in 1 cable!

Find out more about the competition from Keith, our sales manager:

Has your compressor been working as long as Keith has?
We'd like to hear from you!

The competition closed on 31st December. The winner is Whitworths Ltd, with a 1976 compressor.

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Competition rules:

This competition is run by Atlas Copco Ltd. trading as Atlas Copco Compressors (Atlas Copco)

  • This competition aims to identify and reward the owner of the oldest, stationary, oil-injected compressor with a motor power rating between 30kW and 90kW and still in use. Submissions are welcome for compressors of any make.
  • All submissions must be of a compressor installed in the territory of Great Britain.
  • Entry to the competition will be by submission of a form on the Atlas Copco UK website, including the compressor's year of manufacture, by latest 31st December 2018. Submissions by any other means will not be counted as taking part in the competition.
  • All entrants to the competition of a qualifying compressor of 10 years old or more will receive a handy 3 in 1 cable, pictured on this page. We will contact entrants in January for a delivery address.
  • Each competition entry will be verified with a site visit by an Atlas Copco engineer or an authorised distributor's engineer. The visit will consist of an #airCHECK to ensure the compressor is still running and note of its running hours counter, if a counter is available. The number of hours that the compressor has run is not relevant to the scope of the competition but will be used as part of the winning entry announcement.
  • Each competition entry must prove the age of the compressor based on its data plate or a date marked official document (e.g. original proof of purchase) during the site visit. The engineer will take a photo of this for our our competition entry records.
  • In the event of a tie, where the oldest compressor - by year of manufacture - is of the same age as another competition entry, the winner will be decided by random draw.
  • The prize for the one overall competition winner is a free fixed-speed, oil-injected Atlas Copco GA range compressor which has the same free air delivery (FAD) as the winning compressor. The prize includes the delivery to site.
  • If the winner should decide to opt for a variable speed drive model compressor instead of their fixed-speed GA range prize, or a larger model, they would have to pay the difference in cost between fixed-speed prize model and the variable speed drive model or larger compressor.
  • The competition winner is responsible for the cost of the prize machine's installation and commissioning on site and the removal of their old machine
  • Should a competition entrant place an order for a new GA 30-90kW compressor after entering, but before December 31st 2018, and win the competition, then the winner will be issued a credit note for the new compressor plus free commissioning.
  • The winner has to agree to a publicity story and photo which will be shared by the Atlas Copco Group through, but not limited to, its social media channels, its website and trade magazines.
  • The winner will be announced on social media on 18th January 2019.

Logos of memberships and accreditations of Atlas Copco Compressors UK - wide image

Need help with your submission?

Contact our Customer Support team!