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Fresh Air | January 2020

1.      Top Tip: Dry January - What you need to know about desiccant dryers

BD detail image close up

Did you know that the heated blower purge type of desiccant dryer has about 40% lower lifecycle costs than a heatless desiccant dryer? Find out about different compressed air desiccant dryer technologies.

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2.      Launch of new Breathing Air Purifiers with reduced footprint

The footprint of our new BAP(+) breathing air purifiers has been reduced by 30%, making them smaller than other units on the market. They convert input air of any quality into an ultra-clean breathing-quality air supply for operatives in industrial and manufacturing process applications.

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3.      Switch to VSD blowers saves 25% energy costs for wastewater treatment works

Following an energy study, Scottish Water has replaced 19 lobe blowers with 17 Atlas Copco screw blowers. The site is reporting around 25% energy savings in aeration, as well as continuous, uninterrupted operation and reduced maintenance.

> Case study

4.      Compressed air and nitrogen for brewing

brewing barrels

Atlas Copco equipment supplies compressed air and nitrogen for almost every step of the brewing process, at both multi-nationals and micro-breweries. We’ll be taking a stand at BeerX in Liverpool on 11-12th March. Why not join us there?

> Brewing products

5.      The workforce of the future: Atlas Copco’s vision

futuristic glasses

The years to come are predicted to witness dramatic technological changes – but what about the workforce? Here is a slightly sci-fi take on the HR aspects of the workplace in the next 100 years.

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6.      New intelligent claw vacuum pump for robust processes

dzs pump

Atlas Copco has launched the DZS 100 - 400 VSD+ series of air-cooled, oil-free, claw vacuum pumps. Designed for a long service life and reliable, energy efficient operation, they are suitable for particularly harsh applications.

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7.      We are upgrading our connectivity solution to SMARTLINK 2.0

SMARTLINK remote monitoring gives Atlas Copco air users insights (not data) and early warnings from their compressed air system. Switch to the new, simple dashboard and get more interaction with your air compressor system, even on mobile: view uptime, energy efficiency, health, recommendations, service timeline.

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