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Fresh Air | September 2019

1.      Top Tip: Quiet compressors – the key to reducing factory noise emissions

Girl holding ear protection

We explain the health and safety regulations related to noise levels in a workplace and the potential impacts of working in a noisy environment. How can you reduce the noise from your air installation, and which are the quietest compressors?

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2.      High-end features and performance; realistic costs


Today’s rotary screw compressors can be reliable, robust, compact and have affordable investment and running costs. Read how our G and GL ranges offer a real alternative to piston and vane compressors for small-business users.

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3.      Would you like a compressor room like this?

Screen shot of zh tooth product review video

Our ZR/ZT WorkPlace Air System™ compressors effortlessly fit onto your work floor. With their compact footprint and integration of air treatment equipment, they provide Class 0 oil-free compressed air, whilst ensuring optimum energy efficiency and reliability.

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4.      The new SmartLink is coming

Screen shot taken from smart link video

Get a lot more interaction with your air compressor system. Check on your energy efficiency; monitor your uptime; check your service timeline; view its overall health dashboard; see our recommendations. Get ready to switch to the new monitoring programme. 

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5.      Laser cutting operation cuts costs by eliminating bottled nitrogen supply

two guys standing next to nitrogen generator

Leading metal fabrication firm has invested in an on-site nitrogen generation system to ensure the quality of its laser-cutting operation, increase output and make substantial cost savings compared to delivered bottled gas supplies.

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6.      100 years and counting: the history and the fun facts

cartoon of t-rex dinosaur

We bet there are some things you didn’t know about Atlas Copco as it builds up to its centenary of operations in the UK. Our background facts will help you put this historic event into perspective.

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7.      Vacuum packaging keeps food fresh 5 times longer on average

Vacuum packaging with cheese illustration

Modified atmosphere packaging needs a sustainable and clean source of vacuum, to keep food fresh, safe and tasty. Our vacuum pumps are energy efficient, clean, silent and highly productive. 

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