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Atlas Copco introduces the latest ZL2 range of cost-effective low-pressure lobe blowers

Atlas Copco has extended its low-pressure blower offering with the introduction of the ZL2 lobe blower 11 to 45 kW range. Available in a variety of standard or custom configurable models, and with the choice of fixed-speed or VSD power versions, the ZL2 blowers now provide the option of pure mechanical basic units employing dial gauges for pressure reading, or high-end solutions with integrated VSD inverter and intelligent Elektronikon® control.

ZL 2 VSD installation_blower angle
The new units are available in seven power ratings – 11, 15, 18, 22, 30, 37 and 42 kW – with corresponding capacities from 805 to 1375 m3/hr relevant to working pressures from 300 to 1000 mbar(g).

Based on the proven positive displacement principle, the new ZL2 blower design features a traditional tri-lobe element, with specially selected strong bearing and gear set, to provide a reliable and cost-effective answer for low-pressure applications within demanding environments, such as pneumatic conveying, waste water treatment and the chemical industry. The versatile plug-and-play units can be installed wherever they are needed, close to the application technology or sited outdoors.

The blowers can operate with limited need for supervision, and function at high ambient temperatures or high altitudes without issue. Forced ventilation keeps the internal temperature of the canopy close to ambient temperature. Installed sensors constantly monitor pressure and temperature, and the safety and start-up function is integrated into a PVO valve. This ensures that pressure is always under control and that each start is smooth, contributing to trouble-free operation during the lifetime of the blower.
ZL 2 VSD installation_right detail
Of further benefit, the maintenance-free, automatic belt-tensioning feature, based on motor weight, eliminates belt creeping and keeps transmission efficiency at a high level for the whole lifetime of the drive belt.

User-friendly operation and feedback on the fixed-speed ZL2 units’ performance is provided by front-panel mechanical gauges, which indicate discharge pressure and inlet filter condition. The ZL2 VSD unit features an integrated VSD controller and an Elektronikon® Mk5 panel to provide constant monitoring of blower health with feedback to the operator’s process control systems; a feature that enables connectivity to blower room management modules and Ethernet remote monitoring systems such as Atlas Copco’s SMARTLINK service.

Commenting on the ZL2 blowers’ introduction, Rob Boughton, Low Pressure Business Development Manager at Atlas Copco said: “We set out to provide a new generation of blowers based on a simple, proven design – one that could deliver maximum process uptime at low capital costs and require the minimum of maintenance and supervision.”

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