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Robust marine solutions

For all your marine and offshore applications, no matter how tough the conditions, you can rely on highly energy-efficient and solid compressed air solutions.

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Our marine solutions bring together Atlas Copco's state-of-the-art equipment and our decades of experience in the marine business. Our products are designed, tested and certified to weather through the roughest conditions. We always find a solution to match your exact needs. We know our ropes


Confidently face the elements, knowing our equipment will not let you down and will not cost you an arm and a leg. Whatever your budget, we find a fitting solution, with the lowest cost of ownership


Find our support in every port. We are present in more than a hundred countries, with a condensed dealer network and an extensive service offer. We can have all hands on deck in no time, ensuring you keep running full steam. Where you are, we are - your trusted partner

Our Marine experience...

We provide solutions for multiple Marine Applications

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Complete air set-ups and compressors for ships and on deck

Get all you need from one supplier. Whether standard or custom, you’ll find we offer end-to-end compressed air solutions for every offshore and marine application, including compressors and set-ups in ships and on deck. This covers both custom equipment and all standard air needs in marine operations:

  • starting air compressors
  • working, control, instrument air
  • Depósitos de aire
  • Portable Air
  • gas & process solutions
  • nitrogen - air treatment
  • Compresores de alta presión
  • compressed air tools