TechCover Stability


TechCover Stabilityとは

TechCover Stabilityは、お客様の投資を保護し、システムの可用性と生産性を保護するソフトウェアサービス契約です。お客様のデータベースの予防的モニタリングとリモートソリューション専門技術を、生産ライフサイクルを通じて提供します。


TechCover Protectパッケージのすべての利点、予防的なデータベースモニタリングの最優先対応、システム可用性の改善、データ損失の低減。



Recurring line stoppages with production, quality and data loss, long resolution times, tremendous maintenance resources and unexpected increase in downtime costs…recognize these problems? Tailored to your specific production needs, TechCover Stability is an optimized system care plan which ensures system reliability with proactive database monitoring.

TechCover Stability includes:
• Committed response time of < 2 hours for production critical incidents.
• Remote product suuport.
• Root cause analysis and provision of problem resolution.
• Regular product updates.*
• Remote application support.
• Database monitoring and remote support.

TechCover Stability is our mid-range TechCover product. For the ultimate solution see TechCover Uptime.

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  • TechCover Stability 1.1 MB, PDF
  • TechCover Modularity 61 kB, PDF