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Novarplast S.R.L., a company that produces different types of polyethylene intended for trade, industry and agriculture, becomes the first company in Argentina to acquire our new rotary screw compressor GA VSD+. Read more.


Pustet is one of the largest printing houses in Southern Germany. Its printing processes and book binding machines run on compressed air. The new GA37 VSD+, seamlessly integrated in a complete Atlas Copco air net, delivers the absolute quality Pustet requires while generating significant cost savings. See more


Automotive supplier Matrival needs it all: reliability, a small fooprint, energy efficiency, sustainability and a partner who can take responsibility of the entire compressed air system. Atlas Copco was able to deliver on all compressed air fronts with the new GA55 VSD+. See more


Size matters. Solar panel company Soltech took advantage of the vertical design of the Atlas Copco VSD+, replacing its existing 11 kW compressor with a more compact, more powerful 7kW GA VSD+. See more


Limeparts is a metal processing company specialized in industrial and architectural applications. From painting to packing, Limeparts relies heavily on compressed air. Downtime is not an option. The GA VSD+ offers the reliability Limeparts needs, and then some.


After a successful trial with Stannah Stairlifts, an Atlas Copco’s GA VSD+ compressor now provides vital 24/7 test lab air for the company’s R&D operations at its site in Andover.


“We see the VSD+ as a smart machine and a smart choice.” Engineering firm Dispark makes precision machine components. Their reasons for choosing a VSD+ compressor came down to economics, environment and ergonomics.


Window frame manufacturer Raamexpress maintains its competitive advantage through energy saving investments. The Atlas Copco GA VSD+ offers the most efficient solution for Raamexpress’ fluctuating air demand.