Single Quality Solution

Reliable and transparent product quality for your assembly processes


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At Atlas Copco Industrial Technique we create value for our customers with world-class innovative technologies and solutions for manufacturing. Products built to last, long-term thinking, ergonomics and quality – a responsible company working for a sustainable future.



Reliable quality from product assembly

Enforce your proven assembly processes and torque strategies to ensure reliable product quality. Eliminate operator errors through operator guidance with tight process and tool interlock.

Flexibility in product assembly

Easily manage the assembly of different product variants in a single system and forget printed work instructions. The Single Quality Solution automatically selects the correct assembly workflow for a product variant.

Transparency from assembly results

The Single Quality Solution lets you review the results of all automatic and manual assembly actions. Be certain that all products leave your factory in great quality condition.

Single Quality Solution

The Single Quality Solution is a comprehensive solution that drives quality, process reliability and transparency, as well as product safety at your assembly stations. It guides your tool operators through the assembly process leaving no room for error or oversight. The Single Quality Solution manages the assembly process of many different variations of your products and is ideally suited for sub assembly stations, backup stations, and repair areas.


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