Electric Motors

Industrial handheld battery drive solutions

Electric motors are the new addition to our product range to meet new demands of automation, process control requirements, and electrification on the machine-building industry in hand-held applications. Citire mai mult

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We offer the optimal speed for almost any application with our gears and drive units. The ability to select the correct motor speed for your design makes success so much easier.


No need to compromise the unique aspects of your design to accommodate off-the-shelf drive units, we can give you the torque you need, at the designed working point.


Our extensive range of flange and shaft options, as well as the ability to make custom solutions, allows you to focus on your core design while entrusting the drive integration to us.


The choice of 4 unique drive modes - Constant speed, Constant power, Accuracy, and Efficiency mode, each addressing specific application needs, provides complete control of speed and torque independently through the operation.

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Electric Motors

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