German debut for the world´s largest serial hydraulic breaker

Our ten ton hydraulic breaker HB 10000 has over the years become an international bestseller. Now we are celebrating our first sales of the breaker in Germany. The company Mendiger Basalt has been using an HB 10000 for gravel extraction since January 2016 – and thanks to its high levels of efficiency and performance – now considers it to be a commercial alternative to blasting.

Hydraulic Breakers Application Story

30 % more power

The HB 10000 is being used to extract basalts from the lower basalt lava flow in the wall of a quarry near Mendig. Mendiger Basalt is working closely with A.B.T. Abbruchtechnik GmbH who have 12 years' experience as an Atlas Copco sales partner. With its in-depth service expertise, A.B.T. is helping Mendiger Basalt achieve the highest extraction performance from the breaker with maximum availability and efficiency.

The HB 7000 had been used very successfully at the Mendig quarry for the last three years. When this machine reached its performance limit in mid-2015 it was an easy decision to change over to the HB 10000.

Mendiger Basalt has been researching alternative stone recovery methods for a long time as the use of explosives in sensitive areas is very complicated due to shocks. The company is using hydraulic breakers for direct extraction alongside alternative explosives and a range of mechanical demolition equipment. This is the method used to extract basalt lava, basalt and tuff in the company's five quarries. In the adjacent saw mill the 50 employees produce ballast and high-grade chippings as well as high-quality sawn products.

“ The HB 7000 showed us the correct route to pursue and in many sectors the hitting force of this breaker would be enough to meet our needs (120 to/h extraction performance). However, we recognised that many areas are particularly firm and compacted and these are harder to loosen. With approximately 30% more hitting energy the HB 10000’s performance is very impressive and has enabled us to develop more difficult extraction areas commercially. ”

Rainer Krings , Managing Director, Mendiger Basalt

Smooth process, comparable cost

From left: Heiko Sterz (Atlas Copco), Ralf Kretschmer (ABT), Rainer Krings (Mendiger Basalt), Dominik Faupel (Atlas Copco)

After many years of explosion-free demolition of hard stone, the responsible officer at Mendig has established that the cost of using a hydraulic breaker is not significantly higher than conventional blasting, as the total cost of the crushing process must include the cost of any additional reductions needed when carrying out explosive work.

Rainer Krings praises the benefit of making the material crush-ready in one work step. "In addition, we do not lose any time due to safety precautions and cordoned-off zones which are required when working with explosives."