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Industrial Technique Eco design concept

Illustration of eco design tree and family
When designing a product or solution, we consider the entire life cycle in order to reduce the environmental impact from relevant life cycle stages. For us, this means focusing on; energy efficiency, material choices, long product life, design for assembly, serviceability, reuse, remanufacturing and recyclability – in other words circularity.

By performing frequent Eco design reviews in our product development process we ensure focus on environmental aspects and minimized environmental impact. Our Eco design review is based on the six focus areas of Eco design.

Our Eco Design focus areas

Within Industrial Technique we approach Eco design from six different areas. These form the core of the Eco design review performed in each product development project. This procedure helps define Eco design targets early in the project.

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Within Atlas Copco Industrial Technique we work continously with integrating environmental aspects in our product development to minimize the environmental impact from our products. The environmental achievements are made available for customers through our Eco design achievements communication material. Here you can find an example of Eco design arguments for a specific product.

The Eco design concept aims at raising environmental awareness and facilitating communication related to environmental impact within Atlas Copco, as well as externally towards customers and other stakeholders.