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MWR Mechatronic Wrenches

Traceability in click wrenches


Combining the productivity of a click wrench with the traceability of an electronic one, this smart manual fastening system for tightening processes is a good investment. Using the smallest version of this high productive wrench, you are able to get access to joints inaccessible for a standard tool. Throughout a tightening, the MWR Wrench measures that the right angle is achieved, that the right torque is applied and that the operator releases at the correct time. Based on the mechanical “click” wrench the MWR Mechatronic wrench is highly productive. The clear physical feedback of the “click” makes it easy to handle even for untrained workers, giving you a very short training period.


  • Repeatability
  • Easy and safe adjusting and handling
  • Length and bending compensation in SW
  • Wireless connection
  • H Intuitive “just a few clicks away” interface


  • Detailed tightening information is immediately available
  • Tightening data easily transferred to Production data collection systems like ToolsNet
  • High process reliability
  • Optimal for limited space applications
  • Two operators can work at the same time by using one single controller
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