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Medical Air Solutions

Integrated, stable sources of compressed air hospitals, dental practices, veterinary labs or clinical work environments.

Medical air supply for hospitals

In the critical field of patient care, the medical industry requires absolute clean, purified compressed air, which must be available with 100%  reliability in the operating rooms and hospital beds. With our compressed air systems for hospital operation, you are equipped for all areas of everyday medical use from non-invasive or intensive care to emergency situations.

Our products supply hospitals with high-quality breathing air or medical compressed air that is 100% reliable, certified, safe and efficient - for every application.

Within the Atlas Copco group we have the possibility to supply everything for your medical gas piped systems.
Our BeaconMedaes brand offers complete medical air systems, vacuum systems, oxygen generators and gas cylinder manifold systems in your mechanical room, as well as the piped gas distribution system in your hospital.
The BeaconMedaes organization covers all medical standards in the market and offers comprehensive technical and aftermarket support. 

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Fields of application for medical compressed air

Breathing Air

girl with oxigen mask

When supplying breathing air, Atlas Copco meets the highest requirements for reliability and purity. Our equipment offers protection against a range of contaminants that may be present in a compressed air fed breathing air system. Our innovative devices provide clean air for all your medical applications: 

  • Mechanical ventilation and anesthesia
  • Drug delivery via a nebulizer 
  • Testing and drying of medical devices

Surgical Equipment

surgeons at work

Puncture, dissect, drill? Numerous surgical instruments are operated with compressed air and are dried with compressed air after cleaning. Our equipment provides clean air for surgical applications such as:

  • Pneumatic surgical tools (drilling, reaming, sawing, dissecting, tapping and screwing)
  • Pneumatic ceiling pendant operation
  • Testing of medical devices
  • High-speed high torque motors
  • Drying instruments in Sterile Processing
  • Providing clean, dry air for endoscope sterilizers

Complete Solutions

people in lab

Our medical air compressors and dryers are specifically designed for medical application. They guarantee an uninterrupted air supply in every situation.

Within the Atlas Copco group we have the possibilty to supply everything for your medical gas piped systems. Our BeaconMedaes brand offers complete medical air systems, vacuum systems, oxygen generators and gas cylinder manifold systems in your mechanical room, as well as the gas distribution system in your hospital. The BeaconMedaes organization covers all medical standards in the market and offers comprehensive technical and aftermarket support. 

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Medical Air Solutions

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