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Process filters

Protecting process, products and people.

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Extensive portfolio

Our portfolio includes bags, cartridges and housings that support your gas and liquid filtration requirements, from raw materials and utilities, up to the final product.

Global presence & expertise

Our local filtration experts help you select and size your filtration solutions. We provide technical and operational support to create lasting results.

Quality and compliance

All components meet EU and US requirements for use in contact with food such as Title 21 CFR FDA and EU Regulation No 1935/2004 and its subsequent amendments.

Protecting products, processes and people

Process Filtration
Atlas Copco serves the filtration and purification needs of customers in Food & Beverage, Microelectronics, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Chemical industries. Whether they are edible liquids such as wine, beer,cider, bottled water, soft drinks and milk, non-edible liquids like process water, alcohols, solvents, inks,resins and oils, or gases such as compressed air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and others, we have the solution for you.

Meeting your filtration needs

With our portfolio of bags, cartridges and housings we cover all your filtration applications from the raw materials input to the final product, whether you operate a brewery, winery, bottling dairy or cosmetics plant. 

Our products are designed for safe, reliable and efficient performance optimizing your  roductivity while protecting your process, products and people.

Local presence and expertise

At Atlas Copco we believe that close interaction with our customers makes the difference. Our local sales and service people provide you technical and operational support for lasting results. 

Our filtration experts help you with the selection and sizing of solutions that ensure the integrity and quality of your products while enhancing your process in terms of continuity, compliance and Total Cost of Ownership.

Quality and compliance for peace of mind

Our products are made from proven, high quality materials from reputable suppliers and are manufactured in a controlled environment subjected to strict ISO 9001 procedures. 

All components meet the EU and USA requirements for food contact use in accordance with FDA CFR Title 21 and with EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 and subsequent amendments.


    Melt blown for particle removal
  • PBP/PBN: nominal depth filters
  • PBP-A/PBN-A: absolute depth filters
  • PBP-L/PBN-L: nominal depth filters for high flows
    Pleated fiber for particle removal
  • PFP/PFG/PFP-D/PFP-B/PFG: nominal surface filters
  • PFP-A: absolute surface filters
  • PFP-L/PFG-L: nominal surface filters for high flows
  • PFP-G/PFG-G/BFG-G: nominal surface filters for gases/venting
    Pleated membrane for microorganism and particle removal
  • BME/SME/SME-X: single/double layer hydrophilic PES filters
  • SMV/SMV-X: single/double layer hydrophilic PVDF filters
  • SMT-H: hydrophilic PTFE filters
  • SMT-G: hydrophobic PTFE filters for gases/venting
    Metallic for particle removal
  • MSS: SS powder sintered filters for steam/gases
  • MPS: SS pleated filters for high temperature/corrosive liquids
    Active carbon for chlorine, odor and color removal
  • ASC: carbon powder sintered filters
  • ARC: carbon rolled felt filters
    Filter bags for particle removal
  • BP/BP-X: polypropylene single/double bags
  • BE/BE-X: polyester single/double bags
  • BN: Nylon bags


Process Filtration
    Sanitary SS for food and pharmaceutical applications
  • SLH: single/multi cartridge for liquids
  • SHM: junior cartridge for liquids/gases
  • SGH: single/multi cartridge for gases
  • SVH: single/multi cartridge for venting

  • Industrial SS for industrial applications
  • ILH: single/multi cartridge for liquids
  • ILH-L: large diameter cartridge for liquids
  • ILH-B: bag filter housings for liquids
  • IGH: single/multi cartridge for gases

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