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Did you know?

Last year Atlas Copco Gas and Process' fleet of new energy expanders and compressors captured 2.7 million metric tons of CO2. This waste energy was used for district heating, power generation and used to create power for various processes instead of being released into the environment. The graph to the right shows the impact 2.7m metric tons of CO2 can have on our lives.

New Energy isn’t just for air and hydrocarbons

The extensive New energy market experience we have doesn’t just apply to air and hydrocarbon processes. Any industry that generates low-grade waste heat – district heating, food, dairy and paper processing – can benefit from new energy solutions for their facilities.

Going green doesn't mean more expensive

In the past companies had a choice – sustainability or profitability. Atlas Copco Gas and Process new energy compressors and expanders feature proven efficiency to not only capture and store energy but can also harness this power to generate electricity.

Your New Energy parnters

Industries around the globe are realizing the need to reduce their environmental impacts. We’ll work with you from day one to design custom machinery that meets your environmental goals while also lowering your OPEX costs.

New Energy Applications

Here are just a few applications where Atlas Copco Gas and Process can help lower your environmental impacts as well as your OPEX costs:

Thermal Storage Facility

Image courtesy of Stiesdal

Energy Storage

Atlas Copco Gas and Process offers advanced turbocompressors, turboexpanders and Companders  that are key components in a variety of new non-battery, high capacity energy storage systems. These energy storage systems capture excess energy to use later in the future. Several different power capture and storage methods are currently available, and will reduce the load on energy grids by harnessing what was previously lost energy. Some examples of these applications are:

  • Thermal Storage
  • Solar Storage
  • Liquid Air
  • Liquid CO2
  • Electro-thermal

Geothermal power generation

  • Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and binary waste heat recovery systems
  • ORG geothermal applications
Waste heat recovery
  • Cement kiln furnaces
  • Open cycle gas turbine plants
  • Gas turbine pipeline compressors
  • Cold energy recovery in LNG terminals
Render of PLD expander

Pressure letdown expander

Pressure letdown (PLD) expanders

  • Energy recovery from pipeline pressures 

Heat pumps

  • Energy-intensive processes w/ low grade waste heat output
  • Paper industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Food processing
  • District heating / cooling

Turboexpander and compressor solutions for your New Energy processes

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