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water-cooled piston compressors for marine starting air

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Extremely reliable

For easy, fast and reliable read outs an LT KE uses pressure and temperature gauges, and not electronic sensors. To simplify operations, you can cool the LT KE with both sea water and fresh water

Low running and maintenance costs

Highly durable components minimize operational costs. This extends the unit’s lifecycle and lengthens maintenance intervals, further reducing costs. Forced airflow around the crankcase reduces condensate to zero, extending the lifespan of the bearings

Space saving

LT KE compressors have a small footprint and a canopy-free housing, making them suitable for tight spaces

Quick installation

The compressors are delivered as a plug-and-play unit, complete with baseplate, for quick and easy installation

Top performance in marine conditions

Harsh marine environments demand the most durable and reliable products – you do not want critical equipment to break down at sea. The Atlas Copco LT KE starting air compressors have been built to last, delivering the performance and reliability you need.

Ideal for starting air in the engine room

With a small footprint, noise levels as low as 91 dB(A), a vibration foundation of less than 14 mm/sec and the capacity to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 60°C, the LT KE series is ideal for installation in the engine room. The series also offers low running costs and extended maintenance intervals.

LT KE compressor technical specifications

سعة توصيل الهواء الحر (FAD) لتر/ثانية

16.67 l/s - 119.44 l/s

سعة توصيل الهواء الحر (FAD)

55 m³/h - 398 m³/h

ضغط العمل

0 bar(e)

طاقة المحرك المركبة

15 kW - 90 kW