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SFR oil-free scroll compressor for railway

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Reliability for railways

The SFR’s simple design combines a minimum of moving parts, a shaft-driven cooling fan and corrosion-resistant materials. Its rigid construction withstands external vibrations, shock loads and projectiles

Maximum uptime

Atlas Copco’s SFR compressor offers long service intervals and minimal maintenance for an availability of more than 99.9%

Low lifecycle cost

High reliability and long service intervals contribute to the SFR’s extremely low lifecycle costs

Compact and low weight

SFR compressors are extremely compact thanks to the integrated fan mounted on the drive motor shaft. No need for separate cooling systems. Aluminum reduces the unit’s weight

Fully loaded

The SFR incorporates integrated filters, unique SDR membrane dryers and aluminum air receivers for a single source of clean, dry air. No risk of energy loss due to high pressure drops or high purge air flows from separate installations

Operational in harsh conditions

The SFR scroll compressors can perform in temperatures from -40°C/-40°F to +50°C/+122°F in extreme weather conditions

Meeting railway compressor standards

The Atlas Copco SFR oil-free scroll compressor is a low maintenance compressed air solution, validated for railway applications and compliant with all international railway standards. It was designed, built and tested to meet the harshest environmental demands, including climatic conditions, high humidity and vibrations.

Sturdy design, flexible installation

Built with an absolute minimum of moving parts, the SFR features a sturdy design that can be installed on top of, inside or underneath the vehicle. With its low noise levels and moderate flow rates, the SFR is ideal for • EMUs • DMUs • metros • LRVs • trams • buses

SFR compressor technical specifications

سعة توصيل الهواء الحر (FAD) لتر/ثانية

3.4 l/s - 25 l/s

سعة توصيل الهواء الحر (FAD)

12.2 m³/h - 90 m³/h

SFR oil-free scroll compressor for railway

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